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Amanda's second novel 'Just Two Weeks'

'Amanda Sington- Williams writes beautifully. Her deftly crafted psychological novel Just Two Weeks shows what can happen when a beachside holiday descends into danger and emotional chaos. She creates really believable characters and the story is engrossing as it chases to its shocking conclusion.'

Review by Kate Rhodes, author of Alice Quentin series.


'After being laid off, Jolene Carr decides to make lemonade from lemons and takes a two week vacation in the sun. On the first day of her break, she meets Raquel, a woman staying at the same hotel and they strike up a casual friendship. Not long after, Jolene begins to experience odd and unsettling events. Back at home she becomes convinced that Raquel has followed and is now stalking her. But why? Did Jolene do something to invite this behavior? How much will she be able to withstand?
A frightening novel about the terror of being stalked. Keep reading – there are some surprises in store. A jolly good read'.

Reviewed by Rosemary Smith (librarian) Goodreads - 5 Star


Amanda's first novel 'The Eloquence of Desire'

"With deft, convincing characterisation, this novel tells, with unsentimental candour, the stories of 'ordinary' people placed in extraordinary situations, and shows how illicit desire rips at the polite fabric of 'respectable' lives. It exposes the hypocrisy of class and rank, and the way the power of entrenched interests can be used to hurt and humiliate. It also takes the reader to many beautifully evoked locations - drizzly north London, steamingly sensuous Malayan market-places, languid verandas, Colonial Ex-Pat clubs and dusty, hidden villages - and back to Brighton just as the city is beginning to undergo massive physical and social changes. This is a writer who can take you directly into unknown territory, and leave you spell-bound..."

Review by Catherine Smith, poet, writer


"The Eloquence of Desire is breathtaking in scope and imagination; readers will be swept up in the lives of this once happy family as they are forced to move to wild unknowns. Powerfully emotive and profound, this literary masterpiece explores numerous themes with naked honesty and integrity. The setting and the scenery is so richly described and with such clarity that the reader will be transported to various locals alongside the characters in the story. Readers will both love and hate the main and supporting characters; if not for their human weaknesses, for their need of love and fulfillment. A self-absorbed mindset puts innocent people in danger and sets the stage for dramatic confrontations, secret meetings, heart-breaking betrayals and cultural clashes that may end in bloodshed. Amanda Sington-Williams is an author to watch; she has a very promising writing career ahead of her. If you are a fan of historical fiction, be sure to pick up a copy of this novel!"

Review by Bobbie Crawford-McCoy, Nurture Your Books


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Just Two Weeks

'A Really unnerving read. There's tremendous suspense; I was gripped...'

Maria McCann - long listed for the Orange Prize


Eloquence of Desire

'She has a wonderfully compassionate and insightful view of her all too human and believable characters... an engrossing and atmospheric novel. Thoroughly recommended!'

Stephen Wyatt Playwrite



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